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DIGIEVER Corporation, a world-class network video recorder provider, launches new high performance DIGISTOR NVRs, DS-2100 Pro and DS-1100 Pro series, to satisfy various surveillance requirements. DS-2100 Pro and DS-1100 Pro series are powerful and compact Linux-embedded standalone NVR, powered by Intel CPU with high performance of local display. At the same time, DIGIEVER announces another cheerful news about new firmware release. The latest firmware not only significantly enhances intelligent and security features of DIGISTOR NVR but also integrates with a wide range of camera brands especially joining ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) to let users have more flexibility to find the best surveillance.

DS-2100 Pro and DS-1100 Pro series are 2-bay and 1-bay Linux-embedded standalone NVRs with high performance Intel CPU. DS-2100 Pro and DS-1100 Pro perform excellent network surveillance of multiple IP cameras with diverse display modes. Users can connect up to 25 channels in a single server and up to 144 channels in multiple servers. In addition, DS-2100 Pro and DS-1100 Pro series provide 360Mbps network throughput for high megapixel recording and real-time live view. Users can experience up to 25 channels outstanding non-latency (30FPS) liveview performance in local display. Via HDMI connector, users can monitor the video in Full HD resolution and enjoy DIGISTOR NVR's outstanding hardware decode local display performance.

Furthermore, DS-2100 Pro and DS-1100 Pro series have sufficient storage capacity supporting up to 2 HDDs. The maximum storage capacity of DS-2100 Pro can reach up to 8TB while that of DS-1100 Pro can reach up to 4TB for long period recording. Also, DS-2100 Pro supports RAID to enhance storage reliability and efficiency.

Together with new product series, DIGIEVER is also pleased to announce the latest released firmware version New firmware version integrates numerous network camera brands and the latest models such as ArecontVision, AirLive, Basler, Genie, Geovision, Kaansky, Shany, Yudor, Zavio and 3S. Futhermore, DIGIEVER DIGISTOR NVR conforms to ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) to fulfil industrial requirements. DIGISTOR NVR has successfully integrated over 60 network camera brands with more than 1600 models. With the optimisation of DIGISTOR NVRs, DIGIEVER enables to provide more powerful and solid functions to reinforce your security level and to satisfy your requirements.

With the debut of DS-2100 Pro and DS-1100 Pro series, DIGISTOR NVR have 6 series from entrup level to entry level, including DS-8200-RM Pro, DS-4200 Pro, DS-2100 Pro, DS-1100 Pro and DS-4000 and DS-2000 series. Users are able to find proper models from DIGIEVER DIGISTOR NVR. In addition, the latest firmware version enhances the features of DIGISTOR NVR and provides more flexible solutions. With a growing number of integrated network cameras, customers can easily find the best surveillance solution for vertical markets from government, enterprise to retailers, SMB and SOHO.

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