Practical applications will teach how to create and monitor events and alarms in the VMS
The participants of this joint workshop will be installing and configuring their own video surveillance solution

Arecont Vision, AxxonSoft and Tamron set up a workshop tour to showcase their solutions in 6 cities in 4 countries (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark). As a participant of this joint workshop, you will be installing and configuring your own video surveillance solution. With the vendors best technical support staff on your side, you will be setting up a video management software (VMS), connecting the MP cameras, and selecting the best lens for your application.

Practical applications will teach you how to focus the image and adjust cameras to different lighting conditions, define the FoV and pixel density, create and monitor events and alarms in the VMS, and tap into the latest live video analytics and forensic search.

The maximum number of attendees is limited to 12 to ensure the best results.

We will start at 09:30 am and finish at 02:30 pm.


Utrecht area, Netherlands

Mercure Hotel
Buizerdlaan 10, 3435 SB, Nieuwgein


Brussel area, Belgium

Novotel Airport
Leonardo Da Vinci laan 25,
1831 Diegem


 Cologne area, Germany

Airport Hotel The New Yorker
Waldstrasse 216, 51147


Bielefeld area, Germany

Landhotel Bielfelder Hohe
Selhausenstr. 12 - 14, 33699


 Hamburg area, Germany

Sachsenwaldhotel Reinbek, Reinbek
Hamburger Strabe 4 - 8, 21465


Kopenhagen, Denmark

Hotel Scandic Hvidovre
Kettevej 4,
2650 Hvidovre Kopenhagen

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