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The scene was captured through an SL183M lens fitted to an Arecont AV2185DN camera recorded on 3xLogic Vigil server
Theia rewarded Carl Bracken of Control Installations of Iowa for his video “Making the faces of Freedom”

Theia is pleased to announce the winner of 2013 Video Contest: "Making the Faces of Freedom" submitted by Carl Bracken of Control Installations of Iowa, documenting the time lapse construction of the a new exhibit at the rebuilt National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library in Cedar Rapids, IA following the devastating flood of 2008.

The scene was captured through an SL183M lens fitted to an Arecont AV2185DN camera recorded on 3xLogic Vigil server. The time lapse video begins when the main exhibit hall was just starting the new $2.5m build out which took the special construction crew approximately 3 1/2 months to complete the exhibit. Carl will win a GoPro Hero 3 Camera for his submission.

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