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Product Information and Specifications
   Arecont Vision product matrix
   AV1355 1.3 megapixel colour and day/night cameras
   AV1305 1.3 megapixel cameras 
   AV1310 1.3 megapixel JPEG IP MegaVideo® camera
   AV1310 1.3 megapixel colour camera
   AV1300 1.3 megapixel IP cameras
   AV2100 2 megapixel IP cameras
   AV2105 2 megapixel IP cameras
   AV2155 2 megapixel colour and day/night cameras
   AV3100 3 megapixel IP cameras
   AV3105 3 megapixel IP cameras
   AV3130M 3/3.1 megapixel dual sensor day/night camera
   AV3135 3/1.13 megapixel H.264 IP MegaVideo® camera
   AV3135 3/1.13 megapixel dual sensor day/night camera
   AV3155 3 megapixel colour and day/night cameras
   AV5100 5 megapixel cameras
   AV5100 5 megapixel IP cameras
   AV5105 5 megapixel IP cameras
   AV5155 5 megapixel H.264 IP MegaDome™ cameras
   AV5155 5 megapixel cameras
   AV8180 8 megapixel 180° panoramic IP camera
   AV8185 8 megapixel 180° panoramic H.264 IP camera
   AV8360 8 megapixel 360° panoramic IP camera
   AV8365 8 megapixel 360° panoramic H.264 IP camera
   4-inch indoor/outdoor vandal dome
   5-inch indoor recessed dome
   6-inch indoor/outdoor pendant dome
   HSG1-O-W Environmental housing - outdoor IP67 vandal proof housing
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   MegaVideo® colour, day/night, H.264 megapixel cameras - brochure
   SurroundVideo® panoramic megapixel IP cameras - brochure
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Arecont Vision news

Security beat
The road forward for Arecont Vision after bankruptcy and acquisition

Arecont Vision is a company in transition to say the least. With its balance sheet burdened with debt, the company is seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and simultaneously being acquired by a private equity firm. The ‘new’ Arecont Vision that will emerge after several months when the process is complete will have a new owner, a clean balance sheet, and be poised to succeed in the competitive world of video surveillance, says Raul Calderon, Arecont Vision CEO and General Manag...

Arecont Vision LLC to execute asset purchase agreement with an affiliate of Turnspire Capital Partners

Arecont Vision, the industry provider of IP-based megapixel camera and video surveillance solutions, announced that it will execute an asset purchase agreement (the ‘Purchase Agreement’) with an affiliate of Turnspire Capital Partners, LLC (‘Turnspire’) under which Turnspire will acquire substantially all of the Company’s assets. To eliminate the company’s debt, the Company has initiated proceedings under chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in the...

Arecont Vision launches ConteraVMS, ConteraWS web services, and ConteraCMR cloud managed video recorders

Arecont Vision, the global provider of IP-based megapixel camera and video surveillance solutions, announces the immediate availability of the Contera line of video surveillance software, cloud-managed web services, and cloud-managed video recorders for customer ordering. Contera offers a complete, integrated solution for traditional local or advanced cloud-managed video surveillance project requirements. “Those visiting our ISC West booth in Las Vegas were quite excited about the Contera...

Arecont Vision case studies

Case studies
Arecont Vision video surveillance deployed by Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a rich history of innovation. Since its founding in 1984, the facility has become one of the world’s leading public aquariums and ocean conservation organisations.   Monterey Bay Aquarium has produced significant insights into the life history of sharks, sea otters, and bluefin tuna. The aquarium also was the first to exhibit a living kelp forest, and in 2004 it was the first to successfully exhibit and return to the wild a young great white...

Case studies
Arecont Vision megapixel cameras slash healthcare video costs & increase quality and coverage

Hospitals, medical centres, university training centres, clinics and other healthcare institutions are exposed to legal liability, ethical concerns and are subject to litigation and lawsuits, as well as changing regulation worldwide. Facilities have drugs and medical equipment onsite, making them a tempting target for crime.  Healthcare industry challenges At the same time, aging populations in developed nations will drive increased demand for patient treatment. Rising populations and eco...

Case studies
Arecont Vision delivers megapixel camera solutions for banking and financial services

Retail banks and financial services companies have a long history of dealing with the risk and potential threat of criminal activity. Arecont Vision understands the unique needs of the retail banking and financial services market and provides customer-proven megapixel camera technology to specifically meet those needs for our customers around the world. Bank crime statistics In a typical year in the United States, according to the FBI cash losses total around $7.5 million, only about 22% of...