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Akuvox Networks Overview:

AKUVOX (XIAMEN) NETWORKS CO., LTD., a subsidiary of Star-net Group, is a global leading brand of smart intercom systems. Akuvox’s mission is to facilitate better communication and build safer communities. The company has been investing heavily in R&D annually and continuously fostering software and hardware development capability.

Akuvox is well-positioned to provide overseas mid-to-high end markets with innovative intercom solutions. It has developed full-range intercom products and has been converging vast fields of technologies, including IP communications, intercom, security, artificial intelligence and the cloud. The Star-net’s world-class and ISO-certified facility, which boasts a monthly production capacity of over 150,000 pcs, is at Akuvox's disposal to deliver on its commitments to clients.

Akuvox takes pride in the milestones achieved along the way. It is recognised as ‘A State Innovation Enterprise’ and owns multiple product designs and technology patents. Its products and solutions are well-received by the market. For example, the Android indoor monitor is one of the few massively-deployed systems in the world. These achievements are deeply rooted in the Akuvox core values of innovation, quality and service and its vision of opening a smart world with the newest technology.

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Akuvox Networks news

Akuvox Android Indoor Monitor helps make UK Telecare smart

Nowadays, the telecare sector still relies heavily on traditional systems or even analogue systems, which lags behind the proliferation of smart technology in other sectors. Akuvox, with its blockbuster indoor monitor, is tipping the UK telecare sector towards more humane, proactive and intelligent care through a project involving half a million elderly people living in thousands of care homes. Akuvox's customer, a key telecare service provider in the UK, sought to transform its traditional telecare system to address two crucial problems: long response time to emergency calls and limited extensibility in functionality, which hampered the ramping up of its telecare service. Akuvox's solution enabled smooth and HD audio & video communication, which enjoyed  Solutions and benefits Akuvox’s indoor monitor IT82, which enjoys compelling SIP and Android competence, was the silver lining for the customer. It not only delivered stellar user experience for the residents, but also improved their service quality in many ways, by creating a much safer and improved living environment, enhancing the management efficiency and work productivity, and reducing TCO. Surpassing traditional or non-SIP systems, IT82 set off emergency calls in seconds, which is a critical life-saving feature. Moreover, it enabled smooth and HD audio & video communication, which enjoyed  Its expertly-tuned Android OS was easy for consolidating all kinds of routine service via apps, such as paying bills and booking repair appointments, which boosted the amenity of residents’ living and mitigated the risk of accident from their running errands from place to place. In contrast, the original non-Android panel was limited in features, and it was also difficult to introduce new functions.  The expertly-tuned Android OS was easy for consolidating all kinds of routine service via apps It is also noteworthy that whether it was configuration, firmware upgrading or software updating, they were efficiently carried out in bulk by auto-provisioning or via Akuvox management software. Simple deployment and management The ‘Contact List’ app allows the seniors to easily make hands-free audio or video calls to the monitoring centre, family, friends as well as neighbours. It is a convenient way for them to spend more time together and acquire a sense of belonging and intimacy.  The live camera feed from the rooms of bedridden residents enables remote monitoring in real time Alarm activation is easy, prompt and guaranteed. If elders feel unwell or have a fall, they simply pull the cord connected to IT82, and a call for help is immediately dialled out. Also, connected with various sensors, such as door magnet, smoke detector and infrared sensor, IT82 will emit alarm sirens in case of hazards to urge the resident to take preventative action, whilst automatically issuing an alert to the service centre.  The built-in camera of IT82 is a boon to the carers. They are able to see the condition of the elderly and the emergency scene during the call, and guide them to take preliminary self-help. In addition, the live camera feed from the rooms of bedridden residents enables remote monitoring in real time.  Why Akuvox? Akuvox is a pioneer in SIP and Android-based intercom solutions. Drawing on 12 years of SIP experience and almost 10 years of Android competence, IT82 is one of the few massively-deployed Android indoor monitors worldwide. It not only delivers stable systems, but also possesses exceptional capability of deep customisation. 

Akuvox all-Android intercom solution ensures smart living environment

Exceeding traditional intercom, Android intercom solution generates unprecedented user experience by not only offering friendlier UI, easier understanding and superior operation, but also serving as a smarter platform for integrating various applications. The Akuvox all-Android intercom solution has built a comfortable and smart living environment beyond intercom for home owners in its recent residential project. The project involved 1,200 luxury apartments in Europe. Integration and mobility were two keywords of the project requirement. The solution was expected to incorporate intercom, home automation and phone system, and the whole package of functions should be easily accessible through residents’ mobile phones. Solutions and benefits Akuvox’s all-Android intercom solution included indoor monitor-IT82, video door phone-R29 and video guard phone-R48G, supported by its cloud and mobile app. The various terminals delivered best-in-class SIP communication, with Their expertly-tuned Android OS along with APIs offered immense openness to 3rd-party developers for customisation, and the configuration, upgrading and maintenance of the solution were efficiently accomplished on the cloud, thanks to which, users could also use mobile apps to obtain all features anywhere and anytime. As a result, the solution benefited both the system integrator and the residents greatly. Intuitive user experience Easy integration with other systems, such as home automation Top-notch audio and video quality Unlimited mobility Streamlined management and enhanced productivity Unique application scenarios Searching name on video door phone. Visitors could search names from the contact entries loaded into R29. Adding brilliance to the search experience, the large touch screen could display more names and its customised background picture was welcoming and pleasing. Home Automation. Through its eight connectors, IT82 was exploited as a control panel for smart home devices, such as in-home security sensors, smart lighting and smart metering. Also, consolidating community-wide IP cameras, the solution allowed residents to monitor the neighbourhood via an app installed on IT82. Integration with phone system. Various services were realised through the video guard phone. The community guard used it to call the resident’s indoor monitor to confirm visitors’ identity, to grant/deny access, or to push messages to indoor monitors. Vice versa, residents can send property service requests from indoor monitors to the guard phone. Keeping track of home while away. Through the mobile app, residents answered calls, unlocked doors, checked the live camera feed from door phones and handled alerts sent by indoor monitors. Keeping track of the property status led to stringent security. Why Akuvox? Akuvox is a front-runner in SIP and Android-based intercom, accumulating 12-year SIP experience and almost 10-years of Android competence, achieving many breakthroughs in their convergence. It is one of the few intercom suppliers that offer massively-deployed Android solutions, which not only deliver stable system, but also possess exceptional capability of deep customisation.