ComNet introduces IP + analogue video over COAX

Product Profile

The CLT/RVE1COAX link, utilising SLOC™ (Security Link over COAX) technology, combines Ethernet and analogue video and transmits it up to 500 meters (past the industry standard of 100 meters). The unit has a PoE variant that that provides up to 30 watts of PoE (Power over Ethernet) for powered devices (PD). ComNet sees the primary application for this device as a cost-effective hybrid surveillance system solution. 

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Technical Specification

Make ComNet
Manufacturer ComNet Europe Ltd.
Model code CLTVE1COAX/M
Telemetry Type Coax
Video Inputs 1
Bandwidth MHz 6
Cross Talk dB 67
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 24 VAC
Power Consumption: 2W
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: -40 ~ +75
Operating Humidity %: 5 ~ 95
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 104 x 94 x 28
Additional info

ComNet CLTVE1COAX/M is a communications link that combines composite analogue baseband video and 10/100 ethernet on a single RG59 coaxial cable and transmits it up to 500 meters. The device is particularly suited to applications where the addition of IP Video to an existing analogue video system is required.

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