COE releases new line of single and multi-channel analytical H.264 video encoders and decoders

Product Profile

With advanced features such as onboard video analytics, electronic image stabilisation and dual streaming capabilities, the X-Stream series of video servers are game-changers in the field of digital video compression and transmission. Aimed at the CCTV and surveillance market, X-Stream encoders compress analogue video signals to the highly efficient H.264 Main Profile standard to provide high quality, low latency IP video for transmission over Ethernet.

The X-Stream range includes a single channel boxed encoder, and two and four channel encoders which may be box housed or rack mounted. The X-Stream range also includes a dual channel decoder, the X-Stream 200D, capable of decoding H.264 streaming Ethernet video for use with analogue devices. By rack mounting X-Stream encoders in a standard X-Net® rack, as many as 56 channels of analogue video may be encoded and transmitted across an IP Ethernet network from each rack chassis.

Additional daughter boards are available for the two and four channel encoders. This enhancement makes these encoders the world's first direct to fibre H.264 IP encoders. Fibre optic transmission is a cost effective method of greatly extending the transmission distance of video. Additional features such as video loop through and dual redundant port connections are also enabled by the addition of the daughter board. This unparalleled flexibility ensures the X-Stream range of H.264 video servers is suitable for deployment in any environment.

The onboard analytics engine of X-Stream encoders is powered by COE's intelligent video analytics package. Analytics uses complex algorithms to identify and alert surveillance operators to a wide variety of rules. These rules include detection of abandoned objects, unauthorised access, vehicle tracking and more. The addition of intelligent analytical processing enhances the function of analogue cameras and improves effectiveness of CCTV operators.

Ian Jefferson, CEO of COE Ltd comments:

"The X-Stream range is an exciting development in the video transmission market. Enabling analogue cameras to stream low-latency, low-bandwidth video across an Ethernet network is of huge benefit to sites looking to provide an incremental upgrade path from analogue to IP. The addition of video analytics and other key features offers the user a sophisticated package for the modern surveillance system."

Designed in keeping with the X-Net fibre transmission range for use in demanding industrial and transport applications, X-Stream video servers with analytics have already been deployed for a comprehensive upgrade of 8000+ cameras across Seoul's Metropolitan Subway network.

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Technical Specification

Make COE
Manufacturer COE Limited
Model code X-Stream 400
Series X-Stream Series
Video Inputs 4
Video Outputs 3
Compression Type H.264
Network Protocols DHCP, ARP, HTTP, RTP, NTP, *
Image per second (IPS) 25 fps
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 170 x 180 x 66
Electrical Specifications Power Consumption: 800 mA
Voltage: 12 V DC
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature oC: -30 ~ +60
Operating Humidity %: 20 ~ 95
Additional info

*UDP multicast, TCP/IP, ICMP, IGMP, SNMP, RTCP, RTSP. Dual streaming capabilities. H.264 main profile compression.

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