Managing the security permissions of a mobile workforce CLIQ® Connect from ASSA ABLOY

Product Profile

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The new CLIQ® Connect solution is a simple and cost-effective way for facility managers to administer mobile workers’ access control rights.  Facility managers can update, amend, revoke or renew access rights remotely using the CLIQ® Web Manager software and the latest Bluetooth technology paired with a mobile phone. This enables a mobile worker in any location to access locks.  They simply open the CLIQ® Connect app on their mobile phone to transfer updated access permissions instantly to their programmable CLIQ® key via Bluetooth.

Flexible access control and key management

CLIQ® is a locking system with high-end microelectronics powering programmable keys, cylinders and padlocks. It provides flexible access control and key management solutions for all kinds of locking applications, including those at critical infrastructure sites. With CLIQ®, each employee or contractor has tailored, individual access rights based on the specific time and date needed, all stored in their own programmable CLIQ® key. A lost key no longer threatens site security: system administrators simply remove its access permissions via the user-friendly CLIQ® Web Manager software — anytime and from anywhere.

CLIQ® Connect app

The new CLIQ® Connect app, part of the trusted CLIQ® ecosystem, makes mobile workflows even smoother. A keyholder no longer needs to update access rights physically in person, carry additional updating devices, or even return to base. CLIQ® Connect supplements — rather than replaces — wall or desktop programming devices (PDs). No additional hardware is needed, so off-site workers can amend their access rights without any need to carry mobile PDs. All they need is a smartphone and the CLIQ® Connect app. Data transfer between system and app is encrypted.

The app pairs any programmable CLIQ® Connect key, via a secure cloud connection, with the CLIQ® Web Manager system. To change a keyholder’s access rights, the system administrator simply accesses the CLIQ® Web Manager software — from anywhere — and updates it. The keyholder makes a secure Bluetooth connection between the programmable CLIQ® Connect key and the app to instantly update their access permissions.

Audit trails for any CLIQ® Connect key can be generated on demand, or automatically uploaded when a key’s access rights update takes place. The CLIQ® Connect key and companion app bring real-time security into the mobile era.

Streamlining complex workflows

We designed CLIQ® to help our customers make their complex workflows more efficient,” says Kevin Hoare, Director Business Development CLIQ® at ASSA ABLOY EMEA. “With CLIQ® Connect, it’s now even easier to amend any time- or location-limited access rights that have been issued to remote workers. CLIQ® Connect significantly boosts site security, because access rights with very short validity are much easier to administer — making it even less likely that any lost key would pose a security threat. It slashes the time wasted on administering access rights, and saves money that would be spent on programming devices and key management systems.”

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Technical Specification

Manufacturer CLIQ - ASSA ABLOY
Model code CLIQ Connect
Visitor Management Yes
Time & Attendance Yes
Web-enabled software Yes
Additional info
  • Update, amend, revoke or renew access rights remotely using the CLIQ® Web Manager software
  • CLIQ® Connect app transfers updated access permissions instantly to programmable CLIQ® keys via Bluetooth
  • No additional hardware is needed
  • Pairs any programmable CLIQ® Connect key
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