Climax’s Mobile Pers cellular medical alarm system is invented to protect you wherever you go

Product Profile

Mobile Pers is a state-of-the-art, portable and richly featured Cellular Medical Alarm System with GSM/GPS or 3G network/GPS that protects you wherever you go. Patented in the United States and Europe, this system includes a Base Station and a Mobile Unit and works both inside and outside your home. The Mobile Unit is a complete Medical Alarm System in itself, using built-in Contact ID, Tunstall TT New and Climax CPC Dialect reporting formats to directly communicate with the Central Monitoring Station (CMS). The Mobile Unit also adopts industry certified A-GPS technology to increase positioning capability and reliability. These solutions enable the CMS to locate you and send assistance to you efficiently in the event of an emergency.

Unlike a regular tracker that requires the CMS to change operational modes to work with its communication formats, the Mobile Unit with its ground breaking feature of built-in reporting protocols has made Mobile Pers readily operable for the CMS, which can provide care for all Mobile Pers users without extra investment.

There are four Mobile Pers models, MP1, MP2, MP3 and MP5, to choose from according to customers’ needs. Their combinations of networking technologies are:

  • MP1: GSM or 3G and GPS
  • MP2: PSTN, GSM or 3G and GPS
  • MP3: Ethernet, GSM or 3G and GPS
  • MP5: Ethernet, PSTN, GSM or 3G and GPS

These models cover a comprehensive spectrum of communication channels to expand installation flexibility and meet individual requirements.

Outstanding Features of Mobile Pers

Summon Emergency Help Anytime, Anywhere: When you are away from home, one simple button press on the easy-to-carry Mobile Unit will promptly bring help to you. The GPS positioning function in the Mobile Unit can quickly locate you and connect you to the CMS even in challenging environments. You can enter high-clarity, two-way communication with CMS personnel.

Eye of Care Gives You Extra Care: Climax’s Eye of Care software is thoughtfully designedfor the CMS to follow your real-time locations on Google Maps.

Superb Versatility: Mobile Pers can incorporate as many as 100 devices.

World-Class RF Technology: World-class RF range, sensitivity and performance certified by EN-300-220 (Class 1)

Extensive Voice Communication Range: Excellent Full-Duplex two-way voice communication range over 10M from the Base Station and Half-Duplex (Push-to-Talk and Listen-in) speech path

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Technical Specification

Make Climax Technology
Manufacturer Climax Technology Co., Ltd.
Model code Mobile Pers
Transmission Media GSM / GPRS transmission
Accessories Cellular Medical Alarm System
Electrical Specifications Power Supply: 12 V
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 215 x 60.5
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: -10 ~ +45
Operating Humidity %: 0 ~ 90
Additional info Four Mobile Pers models: MP1: GSM or 3G and GPS. MP2: PSTN, GSM or 3G and GPS. MP3: Ethernet, GSM or 3G and GPS. MP5: Ethernet, PSTN, GSM or 3G and GPS.
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