BT Redcare GSM - extra back-up for double protection

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Do you have valuable stock on your premises?  Is your building out of public sight?  Do you want the police to respond as fast as possible if your premises are broken into?  How long would it take your business to recover following a break-in?

Just because you have an alarm system installed, it doesn't mean you're fully protected.  BT Redcare GSM doubly protects because it uses two secure signalling paths to your alarm receiving centre.  If either is tampered with by an intruder, or is faulty, the alarm receiving centre will be alerted and the relevant emergency services, or your authorised key holder, will be called.

BT Redcare GSM uses the security of a BT phone line with the added protection of a GSM radio back-up path.  If either is interfered with by an intruder, the other continues to monitor for any further alarms and transmits them as ‘confirmed activations' - extra confirmation that an intruder is on the premises and that the alarm isn't false.  A ‘confirmed activation' attracts immediate response from the emergency services.  BT Redcare GSM is ideal for all commercials risks and homes needing the highest level of security.

BT Redcare GSM - maximum protection recommended by insurers

  • Highly secure alarm signalling that provides double protection against all risks
  • Uses the BT Redcare secure network
  • Alerts the alarm receiving centre within seconds
  • Works for you every second of the day, 365 days of the year
  • Works on existing BT telephone line
  • No call charges to pay for on the signals sent via the phone line or radio path
  • No additional cost for a new phone line
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Technical Specification

Make BT
Manufacturer BT
Model code Redcare GSM
Series RedCare Series
Digital Communicators Yes
Transmission Media GSM transmission
Digital Yes
Electrical Specifications Power Supply: 350 mA peak @12 V DC
Physical Specifications Weight g: 360
Dimensions mm: 168 x 115 x 36
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: 5 ~ 40
Additional info Voltage 10 V DC ~ 15 V DC.  Compliant with British and European Standards for intruder and fire alarm signalling up to Grade 4.
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