BT Redcare i-Witness - Fit for purpose CCTV data storage and retrieval

Product Profile

Is your CCTV digital storage fit for purpose?  The Home Office / ACPO National CCTV strategy document highlighted how digital CCTV storage systems can be hampered by low frame rates, over-compression, lack of security and audit functionality and even inadequate ability to download images to removable media.

BT Redcare's i-Witness solution has been developed in close collaboration with CCTV control room managers and operators - ensuring ease of use, and delivery of fit for purpose image data output that will stand up in court.  BT Redcare works in partnership with its customers to develop, customise and manage their system.  Service upgrades and scalability also offer an important element of "future proofing" and risk mitigation. 

This means that i-Witness delivers an efficient, cost-effective CCTV image data storage and retrieval system that gives fit for purpose outputs in way that's adapted to how your organisation wants to work.

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Technical Specification

Make BT
Manufacturer BT
Model code i-witness system
Channels Unlimited channels
Recording Mode Real Time / Event recording
Storage Capacity GB Unlimited GB storage
Image per second (IPS) 1 ~ 25 fps storage rate
Compression Type MPEG-4SP / MPEG-2 MP/ML
Resolution CIF / 2CIF / 4CIF / D1 resolution
Signal Mode PAL
External Storage USB HDD, CD/DVD
Recording System RAID-5 disk array
Colour Type Colour / Monochrome
Network Type 10/100/1000 network switch with Ethernet ports
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 600 x 900 x 47U
Additional info Digital sampling structure 4:2:0.  Four levels of user access: Super administrator, Administrator, Reviewer and Operator.  Customer defined storage period.  Automatic file delete at end of storage period.  Client application software.  Digital video management software.  Dual monitor.  Managed service.  The network switch supports IP Multicasting.
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