SmaX Access Control Management System - so simple anyone can use it!

Product Profile

The IP based SMAX Access Control Management System From BQT is a sophisticated, intelligent and cost-effective security system, which manages the movement of staff and visitors within a building complex.

SmaX can be managed and administered by any authorized individual, from any PC that has access to the network. 

The system is WEB browser based which means that the database and configuration remains within the SmaX hardware, offering a high level of data security and not requiring a dedicated PC.  Individuals with the correct administration levels can manage remote sites from any location - obtaining reports, authorizing cards and changing access criteria, providing an ideal solution for multi site installations.

Designed with the user in mind, setup and configuration are fast and the system is easy to manage - it's completely scalable and can be expanded as your needs grow.  The SmaX management software enables the enrolment of Biometric and Mifare card Data at the click of a button, with the option of associating the cardholder photograph at the same time.

The SmaX system has a single intelligent module to make the decisions at the door.  Access permissions and transactions are carried out in these devices, which report directly to the main system in real time.  If the Network fails at any point, these devices ensure system continuity without comprising security. 

Smax reduces the cost and stress involved in the management of staff and building security.

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Technical Specification

Make BQT Solutions
Manufacturer BQT Solutions (UK) Ltd
Model code SmaX
Series SmaX Series
Standalone/ Networked/ PC PC-based
Max Doors per Controller 30 doors/controller
System Requirements Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 & XP
Web Browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari
Hardware and System related properties: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz, 512 RAM
Additional info The SmaX systems communicate to the access devices through SRM's which are connected to an ISC.  Each ISC can support up to 30 access devices.  These can be any Wiegand device such as a Card Reader, PIN Card Reader, Fingerprint, Iris or Facial scanner.  The system can be extended to support more devices by adding further ISC devices to the system.  An ISC can be located on different levels of a building, or even across multiple sites and connected back to the main system via the Internet, LAN or WAN.
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