Bosch VIP X1 XF single-channel video encoder

Product Profile

The Bosch VIP-X1XF Main Profile encoder delivers real-time H.264 compressed video over IP. Delivering two independent streams per camera, each stream delivers full frame rate at best quality and are adjustable to allow viewing and recording at different quality levels. Equipped with a hardware accelerator for Bosch IVA functions, VIP-X1XF takes Intelligence-at-the-Edge to the next level. 

Same bandwidth, twice the resolution

The implementation of main profile encoding gives users the benefit of DVD image quality video (4CIF) at the same bandwidth as MPEG-4 half resolution video (2CIF)*. Furthermore Bosch's low latency implementation of this main profile technology offers all the compression benefits of live video without sacrificing image quality, for top-of-the-line H.264 implementation.

Designed for IVA

Designed for intelligence from the ground up, VIP-X1XF brings you virtually unlimited performance for best quality video at 25/30 images per second@4CIF and full Intelligent Video Analytics. Adding VIP-X1XF, complete with optional IVA licence, to your existing analogue cameras transforms them into powerful, automated detectors that help operators to stay focused. The encoder brings a new level of automation to your CCTV monitoring. Edge-based, real-time processing instantly identifies and warns security teams of alert conditions, giving them the information they need to act quickly.

SD card and iSCI recording

Record two video streams independently on different media. Video can be recorded centrally on iSCI drives managed by Bosch VRM (Video Recording Manager) and redundantly on local media. If networks fail, Bosch VRM fills in gaps in the central recording via automatic network replenishment (ANR).

Bilinx support

With built-in Bilinx support, VIP-X1XF ensures optimum investment protection when migrating to IP. Existing cameras can stay in place, remote configuration functions and PTZ controls keep working without extra cabling, simply connect the coax to the encoder and its done.

  • Ultra compact size for easy installation close to the cameraH.264 Main Profile encoding for double the resolution with the same bandwidth requirement*
  • Two independent IP video streams per channel allow viewing and recording at two different quality levels ONVIF compliant, compatibility between manufacturers provides customers with open systems
  • Designed for IVA, transforms your analogue cameras into powerful automated detectors
  • Compatible with Bosch Forensic Search which allows you to scan hours of video in just seconds
  • Set adjustable privacy masks, a major benefit for urban surveillance applications
  • Direct to iSCI recording and Bosch VRM support eliminates the need for NVR's, significantly reducing cost of ownership
  • Bosch ANR support enables video recording even during network outages
 * In comparison to MPEG-4, depending on scene and quality settings    
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Technical Specification

Make Bosch
Manufacturer Bosch Security Systems
Model code VIP-X1XF
Video Inputs 1 channels
Compression Type H.264, JPEG, M-JPEG
Network Protocols RTP, Telnet, UDP, TCP, IP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, DHCP
Interface 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, RJ45
Image per second (IPS) 30
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 36 x 88 x 118
Weight g: 250
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 9 ~ 30 V DC
Power Consumption: 5
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature oC: 0 ~ 50
Operating Humidity %: 0 ~ 95
Additional info VIP X1 XF features DVD-like quality H.264 video, at up to 25/30 images per second, over IP networks. This unit supports PAL and NTSC sources. It is available in a standard version that supports Bosch VCA algorithms. VIP X1 XF provides Dual Streaming. It is able to generate two independently configurable video streams. VIP X1 XF is ultra-compact, so it is perfect for any application that depends on space-saving solutions.
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