Understanding the security needs of small shops

Product Profile

Complete solutions for small retail using Advantage Line products from Bosch

Bosch has a deep understanding of surveillance applications, with experience in satisfying the needs of customers and installers, large or small. Drawing on its heritage of high quality technology and manufacture, the ‘Advantage Line’ products from Bosch are ideal for smaller installations where both professional security capability and affordability are essential.

Small shops are a typical application area which can benefit significantly from Advantage Line solutions. Priced to fit a limited budget, they give shop owners a high quality system with just the right amount of features. Available directly from distributors, they also offer installers the price / performance choice they always wanted for these types of installation.

Creating an effective small shop security system

Whether installing an analogue or IP network system, Advantage Line offers all the components needed to create an effective small retail security system. For a small shop, a typical set-up would start with two IP or analog dome color cameras for a general overview. These discrete options enhance overall security and enable staff to concentrate on sales rather than watching the shop. The addition of a 19” confrontation monitor at the entrance advertises the presence of CCTV on the premises, maximising the ‘deterrent’ factor of the installation.

At the cashier desk an IP / analogue dome colour camera can keep a protective eye on staff or on the till, while another dome camera above the stock entrance door guards against unauthorized access. If the shop has an outdoor area or car park, one or two infrared dome cameras or IP 200 Series infrared bullet cameras are ideal for helping identify potential criminals. Overall, very few cameras are required due to their great image performance.

System management can be handled by a 600 Series video recorder, which can display playback and recorded video from up to 8 analogue cameras. The 600 Series allows multiple cameras to be monitored from a single location, useful to shop owners with several outlets. It can also stream live video over the internet, so scenes can even be viewed on a smartphone.

Alternatively if the system uses IP cameras, video recording can be safeguarded by taking advantage of their internal SD-card capability, allowing on-board video storage or central storage on NAS. The images will be shown by using a PC and Bosch free software.

Quick and easy installation and operation

Product integration, set-up and operation are all designed to be quick and easy, with intuitive menu driven interfaces that save time and frustration as well as cost. Also, high reliability ensures the lowest maintenance requirements minimizing total cost of ownership.

Advantage Line analogue and IP CCTV products deliver high Bosch quality and reliability. And they also deliver excellent images. As part of a complete system, the solutions enhance security for staff and customers and their high quality images extend their use to other areas, such as demographic studies or evaluating customers’ in-store buying habits.

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Technical Specification

Make Bosch
Manufacturer Bosch Security Systems
Model code NDC-265-P
Series IP Camera 200 Series
Chip Inch Size 1/4
Colour Type Colour
Resolution TVL 1280 x 800
Sensitivity lux 1.0
Dome Type Variable Focus
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 12 VDC/ PoE
Power Consumption: 4.2 W
Focal length 2.8 ~ 10
Network Properties Interface: 10/100 Base-T
Network Protocols: HTTP, HTTPs, SSL, TCP, UDP, ICMP, RTSP, RTP, RTCP*
Image Frame Rate: 30 fps
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 135 x 102
Weight g: 548
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: -10 ~ +50
Operating Humidity %: 10 ~ 80
Additional info

* Telnet, IGMPv2/v3, SMTP,SNTP, FTP, DHCP client, ARP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, SNMP, UPnP, 802.1X, iSCSI

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