Bosch extends DIVAR digital versatile recorder capability with POS interface

Product Profile

Bosch Security Systems has extended the capabilities of its advanced Divar digital versatile recorders with the addition of a Point-of-Sale (POS) interface to enable it to capture and track transaction details for banking, retail and other POS applications.

Communication of data from the cash register via the interface to the recorder is over an IP network.  “This means only the interface device needs to be near the cash register, not the whole recording unit which can be kept in the manager’s office,” explains Dave Mulcahy, CCTV Product Manager for Bosch Security Systems.

This is a much more practical arrangement for the store, and allows up to four tills to be recorded on a single Divar recording unit.”

Images taken from cameras in a store can now be matched to transactional data from the till to see whether an incident has occurred.  As well as capturing the culprits with recorded evidence that is admissible in court, it also protects those staff that may have previously been wrongly accused by proving they were not involved.

Divar combines a complete digital video recorder system with multiplexer and switcher in a single, low profile unit capable of simultaneous full-colour recording and playback.

It can form the basis of a self-contained (stand-alone) security system for applications like department stores, jewellers and larger convenience stores, recording both images and data on a single unit.  Multiple site surveillance and recording is also possible making it ideal for use in retail chain stores, fast-food restaurants, banks, cash dispensers, supermarkets, petrol stations, depots and logistics centres where cameras must be viewed and controlled remotely across many different locations.

Bosch Security Systems recently extended the capabilities of its advanced Divar digital versatile recorders by doubling the built-in video storage capacity.  The latest enhanced 16-channel Divar increases internal hard disk capacity from 320 GB to 600 GB, making it possible to digitally record up to 16 cameras at 1 image per second (IPS) in standard resolution for very long periods  - more than a month, or even longer with less resolution or fewer cameras.

Up to 16 separate Divar units can be linked together locally to produce a 256-camera digital recorder, and up to 30 Divars can be used to control and view much larger camera installations over multiple sites.

All Divars feature alarm handling, fast search and playback, and have built-in telemetry for directly controlling Bosch EnviroDome, AutoDome and PTZ cameras.  User-selectable functions allow particular configurations to be quickly optimised for any specific application and downloaded to other Divars allowing entire installations to share the same programming for camera set-ups, times of day, alarms, event responses etc.

Divar is also ideal for evidential recording as it provides video overwrite protection to prevent the loss of vital video evidence material, and automatically records authenticating metadata along with the video images to allow detection of image tampering.

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Technical Specification

Make Bosch
Manufacturer Bosch Security Systems
Category CCTV>Digital video recorders (DVRs)
Model code DVR16E2302
Channels 16 channels
Recording Mode Real Time / Timelapse / Event recording
Monitor Outputs 2
Inbuilt Multiplexer Yes
Alarm I/O 16 in, 4 out
Multiplexer Type Duplex
Storage Capacity GB 600 GB storage
Image per second (IPS) 25 (PAL) / 30 (NTSC) fps storage rate
Compression Type Wavelet
Resolution 720 x 576 resolution
Signal Mode PAL / NTSC
Recording System HDD
Colour Type Colour / Monochrome
Mount type 16 in, 2 out
Network Type 10/100 Base-T, RJ45S
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 442 x 315 x 45
Weight kg: 5.8
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 100 ~ 240 V AC
Power Consumption: 0.7 A
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: 0 ~ 40
Operating Humidity %: < 93
Additional info Full PTZ & RS-232 control (including AutoDome series).  Alarm video coded for easy retrieval and overwrite protected.  Connect up to 16 DIVARs together to control up to 256 cameras with a single operator.  Up to 6 stored profiles for day, night, weekends etc with guardtours, autotours etc.  Huge storage capacity up to 14TeraB for weeks or months of recording expandable via SCSI-2 with up to 7 external storage arrays type DVAD or DVAS. Fully compatible with any standard 10/100 Base-T network.
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