Bosch extends range of networkable DVRs with MPEG-4 technology

Product Profile

Bosch Security Systems has launched DiBos 8, a family of powerful, network-oriented digital video surveillance and recording systems featuring advanced MPEG-4 digital encoding technology for the highest levels of image quality, information content, and data storage efficiency.

The new technology, which complements its highly successful DIVAR range, allows viewing of both live and recorded images on as many as 62 video channels, and has extensive communication, networking and systems interfacing features.  It is designed for a range of applications including banks, retail chains, railway stations and airports, public and corporate offices, city centres, industrial facilities, and various other internal and external locations.

MPEG 4 encoding means more images can be recorded in greater detail than ‘traditional’ JPEG or wavelet recorders, and without using up valuable storage,” explains Jeremy Hockham, Bosch Security Systems’ Managing Director.  “The ability to combine MPEG-4 and conventional JPEG data streams allows DiBos to be used with a wider range of video cameras, from local analogue devices through to remote IP cameras and servers.”

DiBos gives authorised users fast, convenient access to view live or recorded images.  For live images, DiBos allows up to 30 local cameras and up to 32 IP-networked cameras to be selected instantly, with multi-image or full-screen display.  Date/time, location, zone and selected camera information are also displayed.  A powerful search function enables recorded images to be found easily, and playback speed can be specifically controlled to pinpoint exact events.  Searches can be made either locally or remotely, over a company network or via the Internet.

The DiBos family comprises three versions: DiBos Rack Mount for larger installations (managing up to 30 cameras and 32 networked devices, 42 audio and networked audio channels, and with an internal storage capacity of up to 1600GB); DiBos Micro for smaller installation (up to 12 cameras and eight network devices and 400GB of storage); and the DiBos Receiver/IP recorder, supplied as software for an XP PC, that receives alarm images from remote DiBos units via LAN and/or ISDN and/or PSTN.  Special versions of this software allow the recording of 16 or 32 IP cameras.

As well as DiBos, Bosch Security Systems recently launched the DVRC4C system to provide continuous, 24-hour video and audio recording from four cameras with the additional benefits of alarm handling, motion detection and local archiving via a built-in USB port.

Targeted at the ‘smaller’ installations, the DVRC4C is both easy to install and use, with simultaneous recording and playback to ensure nothing is missed.  A large storage capacity combined with small file sizes provides an extended recording capability, and images can be reviewed locally or remotely using standard analogue or digital phone lines, LAN or WAN, or via the web.

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Technical Specification

Make Bosch
Manufacturer Bosch Security Systems
Model code DB 30 C5 160 R2
Series DiBos 8 Series
Channels 30
Recording Mode Real Time / Timelapse / Event
Monitor Outputs 1
Alarm I/O 32 inputs
Storage Capacity GB 1600
Image per second (IPS) 25 (PAL) / 30 (NTSC)
Compression Type MPEG-4
Resolution 704 x 288
Recording System HDD
Audio Recording and Properties 10 in, 1 out
Mount type 30 in, 1 out
Network Type 10/100/1000Base-T
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 175 x 480 x 545
Weight kg: 16 ~20.4
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 100 / 240 V AC
Power Consumption: 120 W
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: 5 ~ 40
Operating Humidity %: 15 ~ 80
Additional info

DiBos Micro uses Bosch’s proven state of the art digital recording and communications technology and takes video surveillance to a new level. It is an integral part of overall security solutions for a wide range of applications – including banks, large retailers, railway stations, airports, city centers, industrial facilities, and office buildings.

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