Bosch introduces its Recording Station inbuilt with Bosch’s proven video management, recording and communications technology for IP video

Product Profile

Building on our proven DiBos technology, the Recording Station is a complete management system for up to 32 video sources. It combines recording capability with video management and communications technology to deliver a wealth of powerful functionality and connectivity options.

The Recording Station allows you to access your system from anywhere in the network, even from remote, low bandwidth WAN-connected stations. It's simple to interface with your other security and building infrastructures, including fire and access systems, ATM and PoS terminals, licence plate capture equipment and video content analysis solutions. To increase flexibility even further, the Recording Station also provides support for third-party equipment making integration easy.


The Recording Station interfaces seamlessly with systems like Bosch's access control solutions and alarm panels, as well as external set-ups like ATMs and POS terminals, fire alarms, licence plate capture equipment and video content analysis solutions.

Key features

  • IP video recording and management for up to 32 video sources per station
  • Scalable, user-friendly GUI allows images from multiple workstations to be viewed from a single PC (receiver station)
  • Supports Bosch H.264 / MPEG4, AXIS MPEG-4 and third party JPEG devices
  • HD / Megapixel camera support
  • Web browser remote access and viewing
  • Low bandwidth (WAN) support
  • Interfaces with Bosch intrusion, fire and access solutions
  • Peer to peer architecture allows connection to and from any station
  • Smart Motion Search function eliminates time consuming manual image searches
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Technical Specification

Make Bosch
Manufacturer Bosch Security Systems
Model code BRS-BASE-32A
Software Type Recording Software
Additional info Recording and Management Software for IP video. Connect up to 32 video sources per station. Supports Bosch H.264/MPEG-4, third-party MPEG-4 and JPEG devices. HD / Megapixel camera support. Connect to and from any station. Unlimited remote receiver stations. Web browser remote access and viewing. Low bandwidth (WAN) support. Interfaces with Bosch intrusion, fire and access solutions.
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