A single and flexible platform for access control solutions of any size

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With its AMC2 Access Modular Controller, Bosch Security Systems presents a common and very flexible technology platform for access control solutions of any size. It can be used in small and midsized installations based on Bosch's Access Professional Edition as well as in large deployments managed by the Access Engine as part of the Building Integration System (BIS).

The AMC2 supports very flexible designs, allowing to mix and match Wiegand and serial controllers as needed. One device can control up to eight access points, and virtually any number of controllers can be connected to the management console using any combination of Ethernet and/or RS485 communication. A broad offering of expansion boards adds even more flexibility as it allows to increase the number of inputs and outputs and even to implement additional Wiegand reader ports.

Using a three layer architecture with intelligence of every level, AMC2 based access solutions offer a very high degree of reliability and stability. The controller stores all necessary information locally in a battery-buffered memory and a compact flash card. This enables it to carry out independent authorization checks on access points, take access decisions, control closing/opening elements and register movement events even when offline. Once online again, it will transfer all data to the superordinated access control system. In addition, the AMC2 adds another level of supervision through its integrated LCD screen, displaying important status information.

While supporting a broad range of applications today, the AMC2 is also designed to adapt to future requirements and technologies. Every piece of software within the controller can be modified via a remote software connection, enabling an easy upgrade to newer versions.

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Technical Specification

Make Bosch
Manufacturer Bosch Security Systems
Model code AMC2 - Access Modular Controller
Max No. of Doors per Controller 8 doors/controller
Communication Type TCP/IP, RS485, RS232
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 10 ~ 30 V DC
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 232 x 90 x 63
Weight g: 530
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: 0 ~ 45
Protection: IP30
Additional info

Reader Interface: Wiegand or RS485 (two different models).  Compatible to a variety of common industry readers such HID Prox, iClass, EM, Legic. 

Offline Operation: Yes, controller has local memory and is fully able to control door and credential rights offline Compatible Software: Bosch Access Engine and Bosch Access Professional Edition

 Available Hardware Extensions: 4-wiegand board, 16 Input/ 16 Output board, 16 Input Board,  8 Input/ 8 Output Boards, and more.

The Access Modular Controller (AMC) is an intelligent advanced access controller capable of handling a variety of commands and rules to an entrance.  Furthermore, although it is fully operational via TCP/IP, it has an additional advantage that it is able to operate offline with its built-in memory and local processor avoiding any risk of downtimes in the network.  The AMC family of devices from Bosch is compatible to two different software packages. These are the entry to mid-size: Access Professional Edition, and the enterprise solution: Access Engine from the Building Integration System (BIS). 

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