Borer Data Systems introduce the 8 port midspan bridge – Intelligent power delivery over CAT5e cable

Product Profile

Borer Data Systems' Midspan Bridge enables the integration of access controlled doors and alarm points via a TCP/IP network connection to a central management system and database.

Borer's unique smart power management system with a Midspan Bridge device using 'Power over Ethernet' (PoE) technology to deliver with both 'Safe Power' and 'Secure Data' over CAT5e cable directly to access controlled doors. Designed to provide significant lifetime cost savings when compared to alternative systems.

Substantial energy savings of up to 80% can be made using Borer's smart power and green energy delivery management system.

A single Borer Midspan Bridge can support up to eight complete door sets consisting of 'In and Out' card readers, two magnetic locks and door alarm. These can be reliably powered, eliminating the need to install a power supply and outlet at every door. For example alternative door access systems typically consume in excess of 50 Watts to control a single door equipped with a fail safe electrical release. Compare this with the 3 ~ 10 Watts required by a Borer intelligent reader and electric release combination using Borer's 'Power over Ethernet' technology.

Using Borer's Midspan Bridge intelligent power system, the power delivery down CAT5e cable is current limited with over/under voltage protection. This protects the CAT5e cables against excessive power demands which may cause them to overheat.

With secure LAN Connection, the Midspan Bridge provides a private network permitting only registered devices to connect to it. This makes it impossible for anyone to hack into the LAN via a CAT5e cable plugged into any of the Midspan Bridge's network ports.

This allows organisations to use their existing structured cable infrastructure to support security and access control applications.

Sophisticated power status reporting assists in the remote diagnosis of equipment faults and their swift rectification. This significantly reduces the need for remedial maintenance visits and engineering time onsite. For instance, from a workstation a administrator can issue a command to the Midspan Bridge requesting a power reset of a particular device, which is often all that is required to resolve the problem.

Borer's 'Power over Ethernet' enabled devices offer:

  • The delivery of both power and data over CAT5e structured cabling means that you don't need to install a mains spur at every door, saving between £200- £600 per door.
  • Using Borer's smart power management and energy delivery system, substantial energy savings can be made of around £50 per annum per door.
  • With less equipment to install and all installation work undertaken at door handle height, health and safety restrictions associated with installation engineers working at heights can be avoided, resulting in faster installation and easier maintenance.
  • Typical alternative systems require a reader head, lock, data cable and mains power spur as well as a control box and power supply installed at every door. Borer only need a CAT5e cable, electric lock and Borer's intelligent reader to ensure maximum security. Consequently, there is by mass up to 80% less equipment to install, resulting in more rapid installation, lower maintenance charges and less to recycle at the end of the system's life.
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Technical Specification

Make Borer
Manufacturer Borer Data Systems Ltd
Model code Midspan Bridge
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 48 V DC
Power Consumption: 50 mA
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 431 x 45 x 230
Weight g: 3000
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: 10 ~ 80
Additional info Video Inputs: 8. Transmission Media: Hard Wired.
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