Complete door access control installation powered over a single 300m length CAT5/6 cable

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The Borer Lock Manager/Power Adapter enables a complete door installation including electric release, door sensor and card readers, to be centrally powered over a single 300m (1000 ft) length of CAT5/6 cable. This eliminates the need and costs of providing mains powered fused spurs at every door.

Both Power and Data are supplied from the Borer Midspan Bridge using IEEE 802.3af (PoE) based power delivery systems.

The Power Adapter/Lock Manager circuit board has a small footprint and is designed to be mounted together with the "Press to Exit" switch in a single gang electrical - wall box.

It performs the following functions:

  • Breaks out the power and data supplied down a standard CAT5e cable by a Borer Midspan Bridge
  • Monitors door status settings (door open, lock status and exit request button pressed)
  • Manages the power supplied to operate a solenoid operated door lock or strike. These need an initial high current to engage the solenoid and then a reduced static current to maintain it. The power delivered by most systems is not current restricted which will cause the lock, after it has been switched, to continue to consume power. The extra energy consumed raises the temperature of the solenoid. By managing and limiting the power delivered, less heat is generated. As a result, less energy is used and the lock is not stressed, extending its operational lifespan.

Power over CAT5e cable technology is used to power equipment where it is inconvenient, expensive or not possible to provide a separate mains power outlet.

This solution requires two components as follows:

  • A Midspan Bridge at the source, which injects power into a standard CAT5e cable system without affecting the data
  • A Lock Manager/Power Adapter at the destination, which splits power and data for delivery to local devices.

The power management chipset employed (IEEE 802.3af standard), is designed for Power over Ethernet applications, providing protection against short circuit, polarity reversal and the accidental connection of non-compliant equipment.

For door access control applications the Power Adapter/Lock Manager is located on the secure side, either in the "Press to Exit" switch housing or next to electric release.

Communications between the Lock Manager and Card Reader is via a four core cable which supplies encoded data and power. This enhances security by removing the opportunity to gain access by dismantling the card access reader head and shorting out the lock or power supply cable ends.


  • Enhances Security preventing door access by tampering with the card access reader head or controller
  • Safeguards the Electrical Equipment connected to the circuit by only supplying power following device identification and evaluation
  • Protects the CAT5e Cable by measuring the energy delivered providing a 48 Volts current limited power source
  • Reduces Equipment Cost by eliminating the requirement for local main outlets, power supply and battery at every door
  • Reduces Installation Cost by eliminating the local mains wiring, which in most countries, for legal or insurance reasons, has to be installed by a qualified and/or licensed electrician
  • Up to 80% Reduction in Energy Consumption by managing the power being supplied to operate the electric door release


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Technical Specification

Make Borer
Manufacturer Borer Data Systems Ltd
Model code Lock Manager/Power Adapter
Door Openers Yes
Exit Buttons Yes
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 48 V DC
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 66 x 32 x 15
Accessories Poe Lock Manager, End of the Line Lock Manager
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