Borer introduces FUSION Access Control using PoE TCP/IP over existing traditional legacy systems

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Nearly all access systems need a mains power outlet at the door. Fitting a mains spur for a new build can cost from £60, while retrofits can often cost more than £300. Most access control systems require cabinets to house power supplies and electronic circuit boards. These are often mounted above the door or in the ceiling void.

Borer's new FUSION Access Control installation needs less hardware. A typical installation consists of a Borer smartcard reader, lock manager and electric lock all fitted at door handle height. The credit-card sized lock manager is mounted inside the Push-To-Exit switch or surface mounting, and is used to perform multiple functions including managing the power to the strike and monitor door status settings.

FUSION needs less equipment to be installed and has fewer cables to terminate. You don't need mains power outlets at every door so you don't need a qualified electrician. As all equipment is mounted at door handle height, it can be safety installed without using ladders thereby eliminating the dangers and paperwork associated with working at heights.

Many access control systems use traditional cable architecture to connect a chain of access doors to a PC or the LAN via an RS485 to Ethernet converted. The data cable is run from door to door in a daisy chain style. In contrast, FUSION uses standard CAT5e network cable. Each door has its own cable connection to a network bridge. More cable is needed, but CAT5e cable costs a third of the price of RS485 cable.

Up to 80% of service calls are often resolved by simple power resetting equipment. FUSION has remote diagnostic and repair facilities built into the access control system. This enables many service tasks to be undertaken via remote control over the internet, using a secure connection. This can significantly impact on service overheads.

FUSION supports power and data delivery over CAT5e network cable. This allows the system administrator or service provider to monitor, manage and control door access readers, attendance terminals and security input panels. In this way many basic faults can be resolved without having to call out a service engineer.

FUSION can also significantly impact on your energy costs. Borer's door installation consisting of an electric strike and combined smartcard reader/controller using Power over Ethernet technology consumes only 3 watts, costing between £3 and £5 per annum for energy.

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Technical Specification

Make Borer
Manufacturer Borer Data Systems Ltd
Model code FUSION Access Control
Reader Type Smart Card
c/w Cards, Tags or Fobs Cards
Network Type CAT5e
Electrical Specifications Voltage: PoE
Power Consumption: 3 W
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