BCDVideo presents easy multicast networking for video surveillance

Product Profile

IP-based video products are overtaking analogue-based video products. However, the majority of networks rely on antiquated protocols – resulting in long camera re-convergence times and scalability restrictions. IP multicast routing relies on Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) being enabled on all devices throughout the network which is complex, cumbersome, and limited. New deployments can take weeks to implement.

Simple and powerful networking system

"Until this point, the only option available to the video surveillance industry was expensive, complicated, and in many cases, low-performing multicast networking systems,” says Tom Larson, Director of Sales and Engineering at BCDVideo. “The combined BCDVideo and Avaya solution gives our customers a simple and powerful offering at an attractive price point. The Titan Series makes shopping around for multicast networks and specialised engineers a thing of the past."

According to ZK Research, 75% of video surveillance issues are attributed to the underlying network. Most of these issues have been found to be improper network support. Traditionally, a certified networking technician would be required to setup the network. The Titan Series solves this problem

Dynamic edge-only networks

BCDVideo’s Titan Networking Series utilises Avaya Fabric Connect to offer a simpler way. Fundamentally different from complex and static IP networks, Avaya Fabric Connect enables a dynamic, agile, and resilient network where services can be deployed at the edge only. Customers can streamline their network, eliminate legacy protocols (Spanning Tree and any PIM-based protocol,) and enable IP routing. With just a few lines of code, these systems are setup and ready for operation.

"BCDVideo's introduction of its new line of switches that are powered by Avaya will enable it to deliver mission critical, always-on video surveillance systems for its customers globally,” says Liam Kiely, Vice President of Avaya Networking. “With Titan, customers can focus on protecting their organizations versus worrying about the network related issues that plague many other IP surveillance deployments."

The Avaya Fabric Connect technology is a perfect complement to BCDVideo’s IP video systems, delivering superior performance and simplicity to IP video surveillance customers. The series eliminates the complexity associated with IP multicast/PIM and substitutes it with very simple end point provisioning with only two lines of command. Customers who deploy BCDVideo systems and networking find that setup is uncomplicated. The solution delivers consistent availability, no matter how many systems are connected. The Titan Series is covered by a 24/7, five-year hardware and telephone support warranty.

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Technical Specification

Make BCDVideo
Manufacturer BCDVideo
Model code BCD-TTN-4450
Series Titan Networking Series
Video inputs 50
Software solution Yes
Hardware solution Yes
Inbuilt multiplexer Yes
Storage capacity 2 GB
Voltage 100 ~ 240 V AC
Power consumption (W) 140 W
Weight (kg) 9.2
Dimensions (mm) 45 x 440 x 464
Operating temperature (°C) 0 ~ 50 C (32 ~ 122 F)
Operating humidity (%) 0 ~ 95
Additional info

The Titan Networking Series is a series bringing simple, enterprise networking solutions for your security project. Powered by Avaya Networking, the 4450 Family offers a 50 port, stackable solution. The BCD-TTN-4450 is designed for projects that require scalability. Built for multicast networking with Shortest Path Bridging, these switches also have a five year warranty and 24/7 support. 

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