POS Intellect: video monitoring of retail checkout transactions

Product Profile

AxxonSoft POS Intellect synchronises the information from cash registers with video surveillance from cameras pointed at the register area. Tools allow for quickly analysing video from events of interest based on merchandise name or bar code, receipt amount, cashier last name, and more.

Both in real time and in later analysis, the operator sees video of a buyer transaction with text (captions) containing information on the screen. This information includes the receipt contents as well as what is shown on the cash register (such as cash drawer opening or manual product code entry). Operators get a full picture of events happening in checkout areas and can pinpoint common fraud methods, such as:

  • Credit card and discount card abuse
  • Theft of cash when pretending to give change
  • Failure to scan merchandise
  • Change of receipt contents in favor of the cashier
  • Switching the barcode of an expensive product with the barcode of a cheaper one
  • Unauthorised discounts
  • "Arrangements" between cashiers and buyers (resulting in the accomplice bringing goods out of the store)
  • Canceling a receipt after the transaction is complete, and pocketing the money
  • Taking a returned merchandise without conducting a return transaction at the cash register
  • Using counterfeit credit card slips
  • Making false product returns ...and more
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Technical Specification

Make AxxonSoft
Manufacturer AxxonSoft
Model code POS Intellect
Software Type Monitoring Software
Additional info

Axxon POS Intellect Module gives you the tools you need to effectively combat and prevent fraud, theft, and other problems on the shop floor. Intelligent video plus tight integration with the systems you already use ensure total control over all transactions and activities – from entry points to cashiers and store aisles.

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