Axxon Intellect PSIM platform integrates with Siemens Cerberus ECO fire safety system

Product Profile

Siemens Cerberus ECO fire safety integrated into Axxon Intellect PSIM platform

The open-platform Axxon Intellect PSIM software from AxxonSoft now offers support for the Siemens Cerberus ECO fire safety system.

Siemens constantly improves its technologies, reacting flexibly to market preferences and consumer needs. The company's developers, based in Switzerland and China, were faced with a complicated task: to design a high-reliability fire detection system that is affordable for small and mid-sized business. Their labours resulted in creation of Cerberus ECO, a simple and inexpensive device that meets international quality standards.

Cerberus ECO has been developed with small to medium-sized premises in mind, including hotels, shopping centres, hospitals, schools, and similar venues. The system supports up to 504 connected points.

Devices integrated into Axxon Intellect PSIM platform:

  • FC1840-A3 control panel. Wall-mounted. Can be programmed from PC or panel. Large LCD (320x240) for rapid and accurate programming. Flexible file handling ensures low start-up and operating expenses.
  • FD181 loop devices:
    • automatic fire sensors FDT181 (thermal), FDO181 (smoke). For automatic alarm call in case of fire. False positives are prevented by special signal processing circuits. Two sensitivity levels plus integrated alarm indicator with 360° field of view.
    • FDM18 manual call points. For manual activation of fire alarm in case of fire. Provided together with a reset key.
    • FDB181 detector base. Weather-resistant for outdoor and indoor use. Can be installed horizontally and/or discretely.
    • FDCI181-2 input module with 2 monitored digital inputs + FDCIO181-2 I/O module with four monitored digital outputs. Allow monitoring the state of dry contacts. Open line and short circuit monitoring for input and output lines.
    • FDCL181 short circuit isolator. Line separator for protection against short circuits. Allows connecting stub lines and prevents breakdown of multiple lines in case of a short circuit, maintaining operational capacity.

Advantages of integration

Axxon Intellect offers software-level integration support for all subsystems. Free configuration of logical relationships allows performing almost any task through simple programming, which makes system installation remarkably easy.

Threat protection becomes more effective. Thanks to integration of video surveillance and fire alarms, false alarms can be avoided more effectively. Intellect also allows performing high-quality fire monitoring by correlating signals with surveillance footage.

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Technical Specification

Make AxxonSoft
Manufacturer AxxonSoft
Model code Axxon Intellect Enterprise 4.9
Software Type IP Surveillance Software
Additional info AxxonSoft's 4.9 of Axxon Intellect Enterprise PSIM is focused on new capabilities and features that are taking Axxon Intellect Enterprise to the next level of performance and efficiency.
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