Accu-Time Systems intelligent Ethernet access control unit

Product Profile

Accu-Time Systems have launched a new version of their established access control unit that provides a cost effective solution to software companies and security installers.

  • Single or dual door operation 
  • Host communications via either serial or Ethernet
  • Suitable for use with barcode, mag stripe or proximity readers
  • Powered relays for door locks and sirens
  • Configurable event alarms
  • On-line or stand-alone operating modes
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Technical Specification

Make ATS
Manufacturer Accu-Time Systems, Inc.
Model code Series 7000
Controller Type Networkable
Networkable Yes
Additional info Suitable for many types of readers. 7000 controllers can be configured to operate in three different modes: Batch Online, interactive or standalone. Interactive: provides most of the intelligence on the host PC, with decisions regarding access rights being made in real-time by the host software. Batch Online: the access decisions are performed by the controller using local intelligence which is downloaded periodically, and the access data passed back to the host for processing. Standalone: the controller can be operated completely independent of a PC through an intelligent badge manager function which allows badges to be added or deleted from individual controllers using a master badge.
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