Number plate recognition software MULTIEYE® "Gate" available now

Product Profile

artec technologies AG introduces the cost effective, camera independent number plate recognition software "MULTIEYE ANPR Gate" for the access control of vehicles. Access and exit controls are situated in front of barriers, car parks or the registration of supplier vehicles on company grounds. There are various operation ranges for the new number plate recognition software "MULTIEYE ANPR Gate".

The standard version can monitor two lanes. Easy expansion at any time, via extra licenses (up to 8 cameras/lanes per server). Number plates out of over 40 countries are recognised and registered safely and reliably.

Access authorisations for vehicles can be altered very fast and black & white lists can be imported out of excel drafts. The software module offers the integration of external devices for the opening of barriers, a trigger for traffic lights, etc., or an efficient alarm management.

The camera independent software solution supports analogue and IP cameras. The extension of existing MULTIEYE video surveillance systems with the number plate recognition module is possible at any time.

The number plate recognition module gate is based on the successful software MULTIEYE ANPR Traffic that was designed for the monitoring of moving traffic and has been deployed in numerous projects within Europe since 2008. The ANPR modules work with all MULTIEYE-HYBRID and Network Video Recorders (NVR) or with systems based on MULTIEYE-NET Software. The two channel versions can be operated directly on existing systems. This reduces costs for a separate license plate recognition server.

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Technical Specification

Make artec
Manufacturer artec technologies AG
Model code MULTIEYE ANPR Gate
Software Type ANPR Software
Download PDF version Download PDF version

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