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The Aritech 5815NT-ART Series ShatterPro™ 3 is the latest in Aritech’s series of acoustic glassbreak sensors.  In lab tests, ShatterPro 3 provides 250 percent better false alarm immunity than the popular ShatterPro II (GS 903N).  The coverage pattern can be easily adjusted to fit small or large rooms.  Interference outside the range will not cause false alarms.  The ShatterPro 3 detects in a full 360º coverage pattern, with a maximum 7.6 m radius from sensor to glass.  Using Aritech’s patented Pattern Recognition Technology, the sensor listens for actual patterns of breaking glass while eliminating most false alarm patterns.  ShatterPro3 listens across the glassbreak frequency spectrum for greater false alarm immunity and has alarm memory.  Available with a round or rectangular housing, ShatterPro3 can be tested without opening the sensor by activating the Aritech hand-held glassbreak tester at close range.  Designed for quiet occupied areas on the perimeter loop, a simple hand-clap feature lets end-users confirm at any time that the ShatterPro 3 is operational.
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Technical Specification

Make Aritech
Manufacturer Interlogix
Model code 5815NT-ART
Glassbreak Detectors Yes
Coverage/ Range m 7.6 m coverage
Angle of Detection o 360 o detection angle
Power Consumption 15 - 25
Electrical Specifications Power Supply: 9-16
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 115 x 70 x 20
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: 0 ~ 50
Additional info ShatterPro3™ with rectangular housing or with round housing (R5815NT-ART). Tamper switch. Wall or ceiling mount.
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