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Product Profile

Video surveillance is a top priority for government, business and private sectors. A rapidly expanding market, it is generating a growing business challenge to meet demands for safety and security with efficient, easy-to-deploy, cost-effective solutions.

Wireless connectivity offers video surveillance solutions the combination of reduced deployment costs, flexibility in the placement of cameras and optimization of bandwidth allocation. Alvarion's extensive experience in the development and deployment of customized wireless communications systems ensures reliable and resilient mission-critical solutions, specifically designed and optimized for the video surveillance market.

Alvarion's BreezeACCESS VL SU-Video is a cost-effective, flexible wireless access infrastructure ideally suited for the diverse needs of the video surveillance market. Providing strategic, wire-free outdoor connectivity for a broad range of cameras and sensors, it ensures highly effective video surveillance services in the 5 GHz spectrum.

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Quality connectivity

Optimized asymmetric bandwidth allocation dedicated to video streaming needs and providing cost-effective quality connectivity.


Cameras can be located exactly where required and transferred when necessary, since the system is free of wired infrastructure restraints and ensures full tactical communications in every possible configuration.
Using adaptive modulation the link can be optimized to any new deployment location.

Quick integration

Standard-based solution, which secures infrastructure investments and is operational with all surveillance cameras and applications. Quick installation using the LED bar to maximize the CPE signal.

Compelling business case

Requires fewer base stations and eliminates complex cabling and related mounting fixtures, reducing installation and on-going maintenance costs.

Maximizes modularity

NLOS support, high bandwidth capacity, increased coverage, multi-subscriber profiles in same sector and network.

Powerful access

Proven robust system enabling best of class service delivery, including long range and high capacity service. Dynamic frequency selection (DFS), with unique Alvarion algorithm improves channel management in low radar activity conditions. The Access Unit automatically selects algorithm for best possible service, rapid antenna alignment and SLA enforcement.


Built-in encryption and a host of secure management and authentication functions.


Ruggedized solution operating over an extended temperature range.

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Technical Specification

Make Alvarion
Manufacturer Alvarion
Model code BreezeACCESS VL SU-Video
Transmission type Radiowave transmission
Network Properties Bit rate Bps: 8Mbps uplink, 2 Mbps
Interface: Ethernet 10/100BaseT, RJ-45
Network Protocols: TFTP, FTP
Control: Traffic congestion control
Transmission Range m 30,000
Bandwidth MHz 5 MHz, 10 MHz
Additional info

5 GHz PTMP wireless surveillance solution. QoS for video and voice applications. Secure connectivity (FIPS 140-2 certified )*. Carrier-class outdoor link reliability and availability. TDD OFDM technology, supporting NLOS deployments. Coverage range of up to 30 km. Capacity of up to 33 Mbps per sector. Configurable MIR/CIR per CPE per direction. Radio frequency: 5.47~5.725 GHz, 5.725~5.850 GHz. Radio access method: Time Division Duplex TDD. Local & remote management: Monitor via Telnet, SNMP and configuration upload/download. Remote management access: From wired LAN, wireless link. Software upgrade: Via TFTP and FTP. Configuration up/download: Via TFTP and FTP. SNMP agents: SNMP v1 client, MIB II, Bridge MIB, Private BreezeACCESS VL MIB.

*) Certification in future release

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