Alpro introduce a new generation magnet - Vortex 2400 - stronger and greener than standard magnet

Product Profile

The Alpro Vortex 2400 magnet is a unique magnet with patented inbuilt technology ensuring improved performance and reliability and a real alternative to standard face to face magnets. Complete with a conical aperture to receive a strong alloy pin the unit embodies both magnetic and mechanical holding force.

Independently tested to 1500kgs, the holding force is 400% stronger, the body size is 75% smaller, power consumption is 50% lower and there is 75% less material used in the manufacturing processes making the Vortex greener and more environmentally friendly that its competitors. Complete with build in LED and dual monitoring.

Securing the pathway to environmental change - Vortex 2400

In a carbon footprint comparison analysis between the Vortex 2400 and a conventiaonal 600kg electronmagetic locking device, Vortex proved to have the environmental advantage.

The results of the carbon footprint analysis and comparison of the Conventional 600kg Electromagnetic Locking Device and the VORTEX 2400 confirmed with certainty that the VORTEX 2400 has a significantly lower impact on the environment.

The CO2 emissions and the total energy consumed to produce the VORTEX 2400 is significantly lower than the Conventional 600kg Electromagnetic Locking Device due to a number of factors:

  • Improvement in design (smaller and more compact)
  • Lesser quantities of material used (Conventional 600kg Electromagnetic Locking Device is far greater in physical size and weight)
  • More efficient methods of production (modern technologies used to manufacture and assemble the product e.g.
  • CNC machinery)

 Download the carbon foorprint comparison report 2010

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Technical Specification

Make Alpro
Manufacturer Alpro Architectural Hardware (a division of IEC Limited)
Model code Vortex 2400
Electric Release Type Mortice Release
Mount Type Surface Mount
Holding Force kN 1,500 kg
Door Material Satin Anodised
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 12 V DC ~ 24 V DC
Power Consumption: 12 V DC (240mA) 24 V DC (120mA)
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 218 x 35 x 40
Weight g: 450
Additional info Early warning alarm EW technology: Magnets are fitted with EW pressure sensors able to send an alarm before access forced open. Also fitted with buzzer. . Dual Monitoring: locking and door position.
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