AG Neovo Launches HX-24 for security-critical and broadcasting environments

Product Profile

AG Neovo is proud to introduce the HX-24, a Full HD 1920 x 1080, LED-backlit display that is crafted for HD CCTV, video conferencing, broadcasting, post-production, and machine vision among other undertakings. Drawing on a long array of high-end predecessors, the new display comes with an SDI loop-through capability that ensures its delivery of HD images faithful to original signals, with less than one frame of latency.

Featuring SDI technology, the HX-24 delivers high-quality image performance in spite of long-distance transmission

Thanks to its newly developed 3G SDI capability, the performance-focused HX-24 supports 3Gb/s, 1.5Gb/s HD, and SD SDI video input. The SDI loop-through function enables the display to pass images on to the next screen faithfully. Its SDI board can recognise the format of the incoming signal automatically and display it accordingly. Besides accommodating up to 8 channels of 48kHz audio, it receives megapixel images directly from HD-SDI devices—over up to 100 meters of certified 75Ω coaxial cable (RG59 or equivalent)—without signal interruption or video delay.

An enhanced version of AG Neovo professional high-end RX-Series

The HX-24 comes with AG Neovo’s Advanced Image Platform™ (AIP) technology that reproduces contrast, colours and details with exceptional faithfulness. The precision in discerning nuance makes it a tool of choice for presenting high-definition images in long-distance surveillance.

For this mission-critical 24/7 apparatus, durability stands out as an ultimate priority on a par with performance. As is only appropriate for its hard-wrought metal casing, meticulously selected components are incorporated into this display built specifically for nonstop operations. Coupled with the solid protection of NeoV™ Optical Glass and Anti-Burn-in™ technologies, the HX-24 is accorded a life span longer than most counterparts.

HD-SDI integration is increasingly a favoured standard feature for the security industry as it migrates toward HD CCTV. With a built-in SDI in/out interface, the HX-24 is rightfully the right choice for a full spectrum of professional applications and public places—from banks to hotels and casinos—where latency and clarity are both essential.

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Technical Specification

Make AG Neovo
Manufacturer AG Neovo
Model code HX-24
Monitor Type TFT LCD
Effective Screen Size Inches 24
Colour Type Colour
Resolution TVL 1920 x 1080
Signal Mode PAL/NTSC
Housing Material Metal
Built-in Speaker Yes
Dimensions mm 562 x 397 x 155
Environmental Specifications Operating Humidity %: 10 ~ 90
Operating Temperature oC: 0 ~ 40
Electrical Specifications Power Consumption: < 27 W
Voltage: 12 V DC
Weight kg 7.9
Accessories CD ROM power cord, power adaptor, 15-Pin D-Sub cable, audio cable
Video Input Connectors CVBS, HDMI, DVI, VGA
Additional info

AG Neovo HX-24 is a CCTV monitor with AIP technology. On top of Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and LED backlighting, the HX-24 features SDI inputs that make it possible to receive megapixel images directly from HD-SDI devices without signal interruption or video delay. The solid protection of NeoV™ Optical Glass and Anti-Burn-in™ technologies makes it a fitting choice for a full spectrum of professional applications and public places — from banks to hotels and casinos.

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