ACT continue to develop & improve the ACTWin pro access control software

Product Profile

ACTWin pro is the licensed version of the sophisticated PC application for use with the ACTpro door controllers.  With an attractive and easy to use graphical interface this software simplifies database management and the day-to-day administration of users and the access control system in general; the management is also aided by live reporting of the systems in an attractive and intuitive system tree configuration which mirrors the site.

The ACTWin pro software currently manages and supports over 2,000 doors and 30,000 users.  The ACTWin software also supports up to 1,024 user groups which is a very efficient method for managing users, where each user is assigned to an individual user-group.  A number of reports are available as standard including muster, event analysis, user tracking and time and attendance reporting.  The muster report automatically generates and prints a list of all people in the building to preset printers on fire alarm activation.      

The software is also capable of managing offices located in different geographical areas through the use of TCP / IP.  Controllers located in different time zones will report events to the software in their own local time. 

The multi-tenant module enables large installations to be partitioned into smaller more manageable sub sites, where a local administrator or tenant only sees the locale doors, controllers and events and the regional manager may view several sites. It's possible to manage up 200 multi tenant sites.

Each new release of ACTWin pro, currently at 2.6, introduces new features into the software to enhance functionality.  Some of the most recent additions have been DVR Integration, ACT Notifier and a browser based interface ACT Web.

DVR Integration

Video footage from a Digital Video Recorder may now be linked to events in the ACTWin pro database. When any event occurs at a door, the associated video may be retrieved from the DVR, showing what happened leading up to the event, directly from ACTWin pro. (2.5 and onwards) 

ACT Notifier

The ACTWin pro software can now send notification, via e-mail or SMS, to any number of authorised users on the occurrence of any event. The Security Guard could receive a text when a door is opened outside of office hours and the Finance Manager could receive an e-mail each time the cash room is accessed. It is also possible to track the movements of an individual, in real time, thorough e-mails or SMS messages. (ACTWin pro 2.6)

  ACT Web browser based interface

ACTWeb is a web-based interface that allows you to manage the basic functions of the access control system, including user lists, reports and enrolling users.  It provides you with 24-hour access to your access control software from internet Explorer.  ACTWeb has been developed for use in combination with the ACTWin pro PC application (2.5 or later).

Input / Output Module - area full

The ACTWin software now allows for an output to be fired on the Input / Output Module when an area is full (the system allows for up to 8 different areas). A typical use of this feature would be a car park with a "Full" sign being activated when all spaces are occupied. (ACTWin pro 2.6)

ACTWin pro is a Client / Server version of the ACTWin software for multiple users.  The Lite version is available for single users and it does not carry all the features of ACTWin pro.

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Technical Specification

Make ACT
Manufacturer Access Control Technology
Model code ACTWin Pro 2.6
Series ACTPro Series
Max No. of Doors per System 2,000
No of Cardholders included 30,000
Photo ID Yes
No of concurrent PC Operators Unlimited
Communication TCP/IP
Visitor Management Yes
Time & Attendance Yes
Guard Tours Yes
Integration DVR Integration
Central / Remote Monitoring Yes
Import/Export of Information Yes
Web-enabled software Yes
Multiple Tenants / Partitioning Yes
System Requirements Operating System: Windows Vista/XP/2003/2000
Accessories 1 GB free hard disk space, RAM 512 MB
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